CranioSacral Therapy Treatments:

Photo Credit: D. Chilton

Photo Credit: D. Chilton

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy pioneered in the 1970s by the renowned Osteopath, Dr. John Upledger.  It monitors and assists the natural movement of cerebrospinal fluid and related soft tissues around the brain and spinal cord, bringing balance to the entire nervous system.  Our bodies store trauma from significant events in our lives - stress, accidents, injuries, and  emotions such as anger and grief.  This is the body's way of protecting us.  A CranioSacral therapist is trained to tune into where these traumas and obstructions are located in each individual and then direct healing energy to release these holding patterns.  CranioSacral therapy helps to increase range of motion and allows the body to return to its natural function, thereby inducing a deep sense of healing and well-being.  

Chronic pain from a car accident led Sarah to discover the healing benefits of CranioSacral therapy and motivated her to begin training in this healing art with the Upledger Institute in 2004.  In 2010, she completed her Advanced CranioSacral training, with a specialization in Visceral Manipulation.  Her solid training in CranioSacral therapy is complemented by extensive training in massage therapy (RMT) and yoga teaching (RYT-500), as well as her meditation practice and natural intuitive capacities.  

Massage Therapy & CranioSacral Therapy Cost:  

Sarah is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and will provide a receipt for insurance purposes (not compatible with SunLife).  Credit cards, cash, cheque and e-transfers are all accepted.  

  • 60-minute treatment: $100.00

  • 90-minute treatment: $130.00


Sarah offers Massage Therapy & CranioSacral treatments in Canmore & Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Canmore, AB: Treatments are available at Precision Spinal & Wellness Centre. 1205 Bow Valley Trail (#205), Canmore, Alberta

  • Calgary, AB: Private home in the SW. Book Calgary and Canmore online.

Treatment Specifics:  

You have the option of a massage therapy session, a CranioSacral session or a combination treatment.  Sarah's sessions draw on Visceral Manipulation, Somatic Emotional Release, Guided Meditation, Active Stretching and Massage Therapy to treat her clients' unique needs.  Many of her clients will attest that Sarah's treatments are much more than a technical manipulation of the body, but rather a holistic experience bringing light and healing energy to the deepest recesses of the body and mind.  By tuning into the body's natural wisdom, she quickly sees energetically where attention should be focussed and begins working there, often receiving images of past traumas related to the restrictions of the body, which she then explores with her clients.  Sarah's aspiration is to help each client to feel empowered in their own healing process, to connect them with their own inner guidance surrounding the underlying traumas held in their bodies and then assist them to let go and heal.   After their treatments, Sarah's clients often leave with "homework" - breathing, meditation and stretching techniques - to continue their healing process at home.  

Benefits include improved clarity, focus, creativity, a deep sense of relaxation, increased range of motion in joints and limbs and belief pattern shifts.  Clients suffering from physical injuries, chronic anxiety, digestive issues and insomnia have all received positive benefits from their treatments with Sarah.  Whether you are looking to relax, rehabilitate from an injury or deal with a chronic illness, you will benefit from this treatment.













"The experience of Sarah’s treatments is extraordinary.  Sarah’s integrative body work coupled with her incredible intuitive sense, help her treatments span far beyond physical relaxation and rehabilitation.  They help to provide mental clarity as well as insight, offering her patients the opportunity to bridge the gaps between mind and body.  Over the past 10 years I have been dealing with chronic lower back pain caused by herniated discs.  As a mountain guide, my work is very physical in nature.  During periods where my disc issues act up, the pain can be quite debilitating, compromising my movement.  During these times when my back pain flares up, I have often sought treatment from Sarah, and am always amazed at the relief that I feel as well as her ability to help me move without pain.  Sarah is truly a gifted practitioner and I strongly encourage anyone to consult her for injury treatment or to simply help create a more open flow between your mind and your body."    Eric O.  IFMGA Mountain Guide 

"I came to see Sarah for help with vertigo following a neck injury. I had done months of physiotherapy, traditional massage and chiropractics and saw little improvements. I was admittedly nervous for my bodywork session due to the sensitivity of my injury. From the moment we started I felt safe and supported by Sarah. She brings an extensive background of anatomy and physical body awareness into her sessions and with a gentle approach uses her energetic and intuitive bodywork skills to go deeper. During our sessions I am able to trust and relax into the treatments in a way I have never experienced. With her help I have been able to fully surrender emotionally which has allowed me to heal my physical injury and clear my vertigo. " Raelene Hodgson, Kinesiologist & Yoga Teacher

"I have been receiving treatments from Sarah for more than 8 years and have experienced physical, emotional and mental healing and shifts during and after our sessions. From whiplash, to work related lower back issues, deep grief, and anxiety, Sarah's technique has helped me to connect more deeply with my consciousness. I have often gotten off the table feeling like I have a new body. These sessions are deeply impactful and long lasting. Sarah has worked with me to clear physical ailments in one session that I had been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist for over an extended period of time. I highly recommend her sessions." Nancy Morin, Registered Nurse